My Favorite Healthy Midweek Meals!

Hi guys, I’m Mark and welcome to my new blog. If you’d like to learn more about me then hit the “About” tab.

What better way to begin my new blog than with a post that almost everyone will love! Cooking in the middle of the week can be frustrating and often it’s just easier to get a takeaway or stick a frozen meal in the oven. However great food can be prepared in the week without being such a task for you! Here are some of my favorite midweek meals that’ll make you feel fantastic!

Spicy chicken and avocado wraps

This fun family favorite can be whipped up in less than a quarter of an hour! Plus, if you use wholewheat tortillas, it’s also a super healthy dish packed with protein and healthy oils from the chicken and avocado as well as the health benefits of the wholegrain in the wraps. The lime, chilli and garlic also pack a punch in terms of flavor and nutrition, and this really is one of my favorites!

Chicken & broccoli pasta

Another super speedy meal that can be cooked in a large quantity and even reheated and enjoyed the following day too! Substitute regular pasta for brown pasta and you have yourself a mega healthy dish packed with fibre, protein and loads of nutrients from the veg. Plus, this one is always a favorite with the kids! After all, who doesn’t like pasta?!

Vegetable and chickpea tagine

Here’s a scrumptious vegetarian dish that even meat eaters will love! Not only that, but it contains so many vegetables that you’ll probably be getting your whole recommended five portions a day just within this meal! Even better – it takes just 10 minutes to cook! Couple that with the fantastic Moroccan flavors and you’ll have a meal to make over and over again for everyone.

Delicious prawn noodles

Another 15 minute dish that you will make over and over again! Plus, like all the others on this list, it has a super balance of protein and other nutrients to fuel you and make you feel full and healthy! You may not have all of the sauces in the recipe to hand, but just try it with what you have if you want. Or, pick up a bottle from the grocery store, as they last for a long time in the pantry!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these tasty meals, so what are you waiting for – give them a try and get cooking!